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Checking For Mold



mold around the houseMold can be incredibly destructive and foul smelling. In short, it is not something you want in your home. In order to prevent mold from appearing in your kitchens, you need to take steps to ensuring that your home is kept warm, dry and as watertight as possible. There are a number of checks you should make to ensure that your house is properly protected from mold, and making sure that you do them regularly can help save you money in the long run.

On the Outside

You should be sure to check windows and window frames to verify their conditions. The wood in the frames will often be a good indicator of rot, and gaps in the window can cause cold and damp to get into the house. Similarly, mortar between joints in the brickwork should be solid to ensure structural integrity and waterproofing. You should check that your house has damp course installed – this is a line of plastic in the mortar which sits above ground level. The roof is an important place to check, as disruptions to the tiling on the roof can cause damp to get in. By the same measure, the chimney should be properly sealed to make sure it is waterproofed as well as all of your windows and doors.

On the Inside

If your house is damp, you will likely see condensation on the walls, windows, and kitchens Winnipeg. This is particularly problematic in rooms such as utility rooms which make use of washing and drying facilities. Should condensation or mold be present, you should take steps to secure the property against mold while also removing the existing mold. Checking the integrity of the plumbing can also be important as often cracks in the plumbing can be a cause of damp and mold. Often these can be fixed using basic sealants and water proofing tools, but significant mold or prolonged exposure could damage the system badly enough that it requires intervention from a professional.


Mold is a very destructive but highly treatable and avoidable problem in many a household, and taking steps to secure your property against its formation could save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run.